Tips When You Fly Fish For Panfish

Panfish can be caught many different ways and fly fishing is becoming one of the more popular methods these days. Most people do not associate panfish and fly fishing together, but soon they will once they see how effective it really is. Here are some simple tips when fly fishing for panfish that you will want to remember. One of the first things you will want to do is pick the right rod and reel. You have the choice between fiberglass and graphite. Both are excellent choices with the graphite weighing less and it will cost you more out of the pocket. If money is no object, go with a graphite rod and reel.

Choosing the line when it comes to fly fishing for panfish is also very important. Level fly line is the cheapest, but will be much tougher to cast. Sinking tip line will go the deepest in the water. The type of line many types depends on your experience and where you happen to be fly fishing at. There are many types of flies that you can use, but the dry fly known as the popper seems to work the best. It gets the name from the popping action it makes as it is retrieved. Panfish are not as picky as other types of fish, which makes it much easier to catch them. When one fly does not work try a smaller fly than you have previous used. When it comes to fly fishing for panfish you may need to make subtle changes in things to see results.