Panfishing with live bait

Panfishing with live bait is perhaps one of the most exciting ways for a beginner to fish. Not only do you get the benefits of having plenty of bites, but you also get a bit of a beginner course on how to fish with live bait. Panfishing is not all that complicated if you know some basics, and fishing with live bait only enhances your experience.

Crappie fishing with live bait is a ton of fun. Both white crappie and black crappie love to bite crickets, minnows and night crawlers/worms. They tend to hang out around structures throughout a lake and will respond well to live bait. During the hot summer months, crappie will often move to deeper waters. This is the time to cast live minnows suspended under a bobber.

Panfishing with live bait is also fun when you are chasing bluegill and other types of sunfish. These panfish will chase pretty much anything, but are particularly fond of crickets and grubs. They also will bite worms of most types, flies and insects.

The most challenging type of panfishing with live bait is trolling the bottom in search of perch and bullheads. These require you to set up a split shot with spinning leader, and to run the bait along the bottom. While it is a bit more challenging, minnows and nightcrawlers will catch plenty of these types of panfish as well.

Regardless of what type of panfish you are chasing, panfishing with live bait is a great way to get plenty of hits. The fish love it and will keep you snapping that rod all day long.